The Best Panino in Rome


I’m leaving you for a week to play with our daughter Kate, but before I go, I want you to taste the best panino (sandwich) in Rome (perhaps in the whole world): the porchetta panino from one of the food carts on the west side of the farmers market at Campo de’ Fiori. Charlie Gehringer, you, especially, would LOVE this sandwich (but you have to get in line behind Michael and me)!

The porchetta panino is made from pork that has been roasted for hours in fresh herbs. The sandwich has a large portion of pork with a nice amount of juicy fat and a few bites of divine crunchy skin. It’s served on a scrumptious soft bun with nothing else. Michael and I added just a bit of the delicious Italian maionese (mayonnaise) and perfetto! One bite and I knew I’d never have to worry about getting to heaven—I was already there!


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One Response to The Best Panino in Rome

  1. Charlie Gehringer says:

    Thanks Sue, I really need help in eagting more—-all kidding azside, itr sounds teriffic. you and Michael are certainly giving yuoure taste buds a workout. While you are at it, have one for me. Thanks Charlie

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