Snow in Ancient Rome: A Special Treat from Rossella

Forum on the left; monument to Vittorio Emanuelle II in the center

I am convinced that no one in Rome could possibly have been more excited to see snow in Rome than Rossella, our Italian professoressa. She lives in south Rome and moaned and groaned all day Friday when snow failed to fall there. But she made up for lost time Saturday, when she visited many of the sites in ancient Rome and sent me some photos for this blog.

So here’s ancient Rome in its snow-covered glory, compliments of Rossella, who took all of the photos.

Rossella commented on my original snow blog, “Sue, it was the best Saturday in 32 years here in Rome!” Michael and I are so lucky not to have missed that!

Ciao! Grazie, Rossella.

I think this is the east end of Circus Maximus

Palatine Hill

Piramide (yes, Rome has its own pyramid!)

Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin (where a liar’s hand gets chopped off)

Ponte Cestio (just south of Isola Tiberina)

Theater of Marcellus on left; Temple of Apollo on right (only three columns left)


Marcus Aurelius with snowman (on Campidoglio)


Michelangelo’s Cordonata (staircase) leading to the Campidoglio – the stairs are partially cleared to the left

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2 Responses to Snow in Ancient Rome: A Special Treat from Rossella

  1. Charlie Gehringer says:

    Sue, Rossella did a great job on the photos, thanks for sharing. Love Charlie and Trudy

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