Arrivederci, Roma!

One of my favorite things: the straw vendor on a side street near Campo de’ Fiori

I’m sad to leave Rome tomorrow for two months but excited to get my hip replaced so I can resume my walks and my blog. I’ll probably miss a lot of spring in Rome, but there’s always next year. The Pacific Northwest welcomes spring really well, too, so I look forward to that.

Because I’ve been housebound for two months, Michael brought me many of my favorite things Saturday as farewell presents: a porchetta sandwich from Campo de’ Fiori, gelato from Blue Ice (in a Styrofoam container, and the server threw in 12 wee cones that couldn’t have been more than two inches long!), three Italian chocolate bars, and pizza from Dar Poeta (lingua di fuoco, my favorite). I split the sandwich in two and had it for lunch Saturday and Sunday, and I had the pizza for dinner Saturday and Sunday. That was wonderful since Michael was in Geneva for a meeting from Sunday until Tuesday, and I can’t stand up long enough to do much more than make a sandwich or heat some soup or chili. It was such a nice farewell party.

I’ll be back in April. I can’t wait to walk my feet off, and share more of our wonderful adventure.


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3 Responses to Arrivederci, Roma!

  1. Meredith Prock says:

    Well, it won’t have gelato from Blue Ice, but Trader Joe’s sells wee cones filled with several choices of ice cream, 10 or so in the box. Quite yummy. Travel safely; I’m sure with the hip issues it won’t be a fun trip. But just think, the return trip will probably be one of the best in a long time!

    • skdyer7 says:

      I like the gelato better than the cone! I’m a little nervous about tomorrow, but I’m flying Lufthansa over the North Pole so I can keep my leg elevated the entire trip. US carriers don’t have that option across North America. Please cross your fingers that all goes well.

      See you soon!!!

  2. Eileen says:

    Have a safe trip and keep focused on returning to Rome in the spring when you can start to enjoy walking again! The operation will make a huge improvement in your mobility and comfort – well worth the temporary hiatus from your adventures in Italy.

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