Home to Casa dei Fiori (House of Flowers)

Roses in the dining room

After a 10-hour flight over northern Canada from Seattle to Frankfurt and a 1.5-hour flight from Frankfurt to Rome, I arrived home early Sunday  afternoon. Michael and our sometimes driver, Nunzio Ponzo,* were there to meet me. Shockingly, it didn’t take me more than an hour to get my bags—only about 20 minutes or so. If you ever land at Fiumicino (aka Leonardo da Vinci) in Rome, don’t expect to see your bags for a long time! Perhaps it helped that I wasn’t on an international flight. Anyway the sun was out, and Rome was beautiful, as always.

When I walked into our apartment, I was overwhelmed by vases of flowers in every room! Michael came to the United States the week of my surgery, but I hadn’t seen him for five weeks. I think he missed me!

Tulips in the living room

We walked up to Campo de’ Fiori for lunch at Obikà Mozzarella Bar and then had a gelato (coffee, of course) at Blue Ice. Campo de’ Fiori was CRAZY with tourists—such a change from when I left in February.

Since Sunday, I’ve wandered around a bit, but not too far. Walking on the sampietrini in Rome is really different and much more exhausting than walking back and forth through my sister’s condo!

Thanks again, Julie, for everything that you did for me, including waiting on me hand and foot for the first four weeks that I stayed with you, finding me a wonderful surgeon, hauling me to a billion medical appointments, shopping for groceries and feeding me every single day, letting me win some of our thousand or so games of Yahtzee, driving me to see Mom, and doing a million other things that I’ve forgotten to mention here. You’re the best sister!

And thank you, Michael, for the beautiful flowers. It’s good to be home.


Roses on the coffee table

*P.S., If you come to Rome and you want a great driver, email Nunzio Ponzo at nccponzonunzio@gmail.com. He charges a flat fee for an airport pick up and charges by the hour for touring. Nunzio’s auto seats at least six people and has lots of room for bags. Nunzio doesn’t speak English, but his wife, who handles his bookings, is Australian, so she does, of course. Nunzio is such a nice man and extremely dependable. I highly recommend him. (Thanks to Marlene Thorn for recommending him to us.)

Tulips in the bedroom

Sunflowers (girasole) in the living room

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2 Responses to Home to Casa dei Fiori (House of Flowers)

  1. Rossella says:

    so romantic! bentornata, Sue!

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