Halloween Treats for the Cookie Monster

Ladurée Roma

I haven’t blogged for nearly three weeks, and I have lots of things to share with you, but a miracle happened yesterday that stopped me in dead my tracks! After my Italian class, I was window-shopping in the pouring rain on Via Borgognona near the Spanish Steps when I stumbled upon a distinctive pale green awning. I looked at it. I read the sign. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I shook my head, turned around, and walked back down the street. I turned around again, walked back, and gazed at the store again in utter disbelief! In the middle of one of the nicest shopping areas in Rome is my favorite store on earth—Ladurée, the Parisian maker of the best cookie on earth, the macaron. The store opened last week. Be still my heart!

A macaron is NOT a macaroon, the domed coconut cookie that you see in bakeries in the United States. Instead, it is a meringue-based confection made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food coloring. I discovered macarons in Tunisia when we lived there a few years ago, and they have been my favorite cookie ever since. That’s saying a lot, because cookies are my favorite dessert. I took one bite of that first macaron in Tunis and thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

Ladurée’s window

A few weeks after we discovered macarons in Tunisia, we met our daughters in Paris for a week. I’d read that Ladurée made the best macarons, so I was itching to try them. On our last day in Paris we found Ladurée, and we tried their macarons, and they were simply divine! My favorites were one stuffed with caramel, a raspberry stuffed with chocolate, and a mint stuffed with chocolate, but they have about 25 varieties, and they’re all yummy.

So imagine my utter joy to find the world’s best cookies just a few blocks from my school. I bought six yesterday—three for me and three for Michael. They lasted about three seconds. I hope your Halloween was every bit as happy!


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2 Responses to Halloween Treats for the Cookie Monster

  1. Nikki says:

    I HAVE to try these — we have a little bakery (or should say — used to have) in Walla Walla that made my favorites so far — but yours are the REAL THING — might spoil me for anything else — my mouth is watering!!!

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