The Best Gelato in Rome

GelateriaDelTeatro02I know, I know. I’ve made this claim before. For more than a year I’ve raved about Bar Latteria, which is just behind the Trilussa Fountain in Trastevere. It’s now number 2. And before that I raved about Fassi, which is in Esquilino on Via Principe Euggenio (number 65) and which still is the most fun gelateria in Rome. It’s now number 3. But truly my new gelateria, Gelateria del Teatro, IS the best in Rome.

P1120136The main store, which the family recently expanded, is near the north end of Piazza Navona—about half way down Via dei Coronari (number 65-66) and just across the street from a restaurant that we like, especially for drinks in the evening or lunch on a sleepy Saturday afternoon, Sangallo ai Coronari. You’ll recognize Sangallo by its rattan chairs, and they make a delicious Spritz Aperol. But I digress.

The window but no one was making gelato when I was there this afternoon

The window but no one was making gelato when I was there this afternoon

Gelateria dei Teatro makes all of its sensational gelato in house at the Via dei Coronari location, where you can watch the gelato makers through a window on the street. I get sort of hypnotized by this and have a hard time leaving the window, undoubtedly because gelato is my favorite food in the world. The family uses only natural ingredients. One day while we were eating lunch at Sangallo, Michael watched a woman cutting and cleaning cantaloupe for more than an hour.

Sign outside the Lungotevere store

Sign outside the Lungotevere store

The family makes 30 or so flavors, including superb herbal gelati— lavender and white peach; raspberries and sage; and rosemary, honey, and lemon (one of my favorites). They also make several dense, rich chocolate flavors, including chocolate and Nero d’Avola wine (my other favorite), which is out of this world. They make the standard flavors as well as several fruit gelati.

The Via del Coronari store is a bit of a hike for me, but Gelateria del Teatro has a smaller store about five or so blocks down the street from me on Lungotevere dei Valliti (number 25) near the Ponte Garibaldi. I often walk home on the Lungotevere, and it’s REALLY difficult not to stop for a cono piccolo, no matter what time it is.

My two favorites! YUM!

My two favorites! YUM!

So trust me on this and visit Gelateria del Teatro (or Bar Latteria or Fassi). I bet it will be your favorite, too!


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3 Responses to The Best Gelato in Rome

  1. Meredith Prock says:

    Do you realize how unfair this post is?!? You have us absolutely with no chance to satisfy our best-ever gelato craving!

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