An Expat’s Adventures in Rome

If you have suggestions for a topic about Rome, leave me a comment. I’ll appreciate it.



5 Responses to An Expat’s Adventures in Rome

  1. Suzanne Rottler-Gurley says:

    We’re so glad that we’ll get to live vicariously through your adventures! I just had lunch with a friend who had a caprese salad and when I saw it, I instantly wished that I had ordered it!

    We had a wonderful trip to Western PA and are gearing up for the school year. Noah will always remember his 12th birthday (yesterday)…the year his mom yelled at him for shaking the lunch table when in fact it was an earthquake! 🙂

    Love you both so much, Suzie and the kids.

  2. Danielle Harris says:

    Hey Sue and Mike,

    This is Teresa Eimutus from the great state of Virginia, USA! Glad to see you guys are having such great fun Mike working and Sue playing LOL! Hope to see you guys when you get back. I’ll be looking here to see how your trip is going! Merry Christmas and have a very Happy New Year!h
    You can reach me here or at Love and Miss you guys Lots!

  3. Steve, Jen, and Cade says:

    Good Morning Aunt Suz & Michael~ Just sitting here sending out the link to our friends and family before heading your way! We are so excited….less than 48 hours (Cade made us count!)

    Love you!

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