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Summer in Rome 2013: There’s a Bad Moon on the Rise

Two nights after the summer solstice the moon reached its nearest point to Earth, which makes the moon appear larger than usual. That won’t happen again until August 2014. I didn’t want to miss this, so just before sunset we … Continue reading

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Holy Harley!

On Sunday Pope Francis blessed 800 Harley Davidson riders and their bikes in St. Peter’s Square. Say what? When most people think of Rome, they think of motorini (motorized scooters) weaving in and out of traffic and causing chaos. That’s true, although … Continue reading

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Life’s Little Challenges: Brava to the Italian Farmacia

If you are in Italy and you feel sick or need medication, head to the nearest farmacia, which will be close by, no doubt. It seems as if each block has one! I burned the corners of my mouth on some hot … Continue reading

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Rome in Spring 2013: Don’t Breathe the Air

Rome has been extra noisy the past few weeks with people coughing, sneezing, and blowing their noses. Tissues and handkerchiefs flap in the breeze, and people shake their heads and mutter, “I polline!” I guess with all that rain last winter, … Continue reading

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La Festa della Donna: You Go, Girl!

When I was eating breakfast this morning at Caffè Farnese, I noticed that almost every Italian who walked by—man, woman, and child—carried a bouquet of fragrant, fluffy, yellow flowers. I then passed through Campo de’ Fiori on my way to … Continue reading

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Tourists Here, Tourists There, Tourists Everywhere!

I wasn’t in Rome last March, so I didn’t know that when the calendar turns from February to March, Rome goes crazy! For the last half of January and all of February, Rome is tranquil: few tourists; many shops and … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving in Rome 2012

You may remember from my post last year that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. On Thanksgiving Americans celebrate our “founding” by the pilgrims, which ignores the centuries-long habitation of North America by the Indians, but never mind. I love Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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